Title: Runecrafting: It's likely to take the longest time.
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Blog Entry:   Prayer could be an expense... in fact and certainly. However, when you receive the number 95, for instance, and you experience turmoil then you get  RS gold  pk and take charge of it and begin earning more money than before. Prayer can earn you money in the indirect way. The cost will rise and down each day, but it will continue to go downwards in the end.   Runecrafting: It's likely to take the longest time. generally speaking, you'll need to ZMI If you have access to the lunar spellbook. If not, you can use Abyss. Make penguins and earn penguin points for this. Don't forget to include tears of Guthix because this xp will certainly be quick and efficient. Another option is to use the Abyss that is self-explanatory or create earth runes using FoG gloves. FoG gloves as well as Digsite pendants.   It is easy to farm and can be taught as you master other things. Plant Willow (or Maple) and Curry (or similar fruits) in each tree patch and plant a calquat if you wish to. Pay the farmers, and plant every day at least for fruit , and possibly twice for standard trees since they are growing much faster. In addition, you should use the herb or allotment patches. Remember xp over profit so, for example, cadantine toadflax.   The art of thieving can be learned through the pyramid plunder or through the guild. Both are quick and the xp you require is not a long time to earn. If you're nearing the end of mining, you're probably aware of the best way to go about it. Granite is a good xp, but difficult to work with, while iron is good xp with a bit of money to spare. You can also make gem rocks that will provide decent xp, with a profit and crafting the xp.   Don't forget to complete quests. Certain quests, even though they require a long time to complete, provide moderate xp for these areas. Because they're your weakest level, I'll assume you don't like them, so there are some quests that could help you to maintain your sanity, even although they're not the most effective ways to train. Although you can complete two tasks simultaneously using this technique, it's certainly worth a look.   I'd like to get better in runescape, like the great players who are level 120 and have full bandos and a godsword that has thirty million in my bank. I have a full rune, the dragon's long, my helm Neit as well as about 200k and an assortment of other items. I would like to assist me in becoming proficient at the game , tell me how I need to do and how I can earn money. I need to attend school so that I don't have to  old school runescape buy gold  work all day long to hunt down 99 slayer or whatever. I require money, high combat, and a powerful thanks for your assistance.