Subject: How Students Have Fun in Canada
Content: Since I plan to go to college in Canada, I want to know everything about this country. I recently read an interesting article on what entertainment is available to local students. I knew that the main fun was in the dorms and clubs. At the same time, I am very surprised that foreigners choose other ways to spend their leisure time. So, here are the  types of student entertainment in Canada  that surprised me the most.    First of all, I would like to talk about the educational process. These guys learn foreign languages ​​so as not to get bored. For example, most US and European students start learning French in Canada. So this is partly because half of the people in this country speak French. In addition, cinemas and music concerts are very popular in Canada.   Also, Canadians are very fond of picnics and forest hiking trails. If I study in this country, I will certainly visit the best reserves, waterfalls and some caves. For me, this is an opportunity to say no to a boring pastime. In general, I would not say that Canadians are very different from Americans and Europeans. It is a rather friendly country, and students also tend to spend time with friends.