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the completion of the quest is actually very straightforward
Posted On 10/08/2021 22:48:20 by Timmy2001

the completion of the quest is actually very straightforward. Quite simply, players should pin Marauder Advancement: Gladiator to cause a quest waypoint to appear on New World’s map. For full clarity, that waypoint is just to the west of the Cutlass Keys Hamlet, where fans will speak with Winifred Silas in order to initiate the task, and the following video should make it easy to get to the appropriate location.


Upon arrival at the Nautilus of Nunez, players should... Read More

When I conducted a little experiment recently for an article to highlight
Posted On 09/14/2021 05:22:44 by Timmy2001

When I conducted a little experiment recently for an article to highlight a corner of the cryptocurrency world, I knew I was creating something that would live on after the piece was published. But what happened still took me by surprise.


As a business reporter based in London, I have been riveted in recent months by the booming popularity of so-called hype coins. These are the down-market, volatile cousins of Bitcoin, the graybeard of the cryptocurrency world. There are... Read More

Is ‘New World’ unique enough to compete in the MMO genre?
Posted On 08/28/2021 04:05:25 by Kakuyi1999

I am a massive fan of MMORPGs. Since I was a teenager I’ve been playing them, starting with World Of Warcraft, and eventually trying out other titles before, inevitably, jumping aboard the Final Fantasy XIV train. Hell, I even played The Lord of the Rings Online at one point, so I’m familiar enough with the world currency

READ MORE: New World preview: great combat marks a hot prospect for the future

As of writing, I’ve played over 25 hours of Amazon G... Read More

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