Tinder like app - The joy of meeting new people is made safe
Posted On 02/03/2021 07:19:49 by kelleybjohnson

Tinder has emerged as a reliable platform for the modern generation as it provides a contemporary life to online dating culture. Undoubtedly it caught the attention of entrepreneurs and pushed them to deploy their custom-made Tinder like app for its monetary benefits and immense scope in the future. Tinder topped the charts and has become a global phenomenon in a relatively lesser time. It was released in 2012 and has over 100 million active users currently. With 5.2 million subscribers, Tinder shines as a reliable monetary source with $800 million as annual revenue. 


It kickstarted the concept of online dating in the market and several entrepreneurs followed in Tinder’s footsteps. The facts from various verified sources are more than enough to prove its business prospects. Several entrepreneurs have laid eyes on this sector to grab their slice of the market with a Tinder clone app. Here is the complete working process of Tinder.


Initially, users need to register their account on the platform to start swiping. They can seamlessly log in with their Facebook or Google account, thanks to the social media plugins integrated into the app. 

Tinder finds the potential match for every user based on the details taken from their Facebook account. However, you can design your own match algorithm to offer a unique experience for your users. Discuss with your Tinder like app development team to implement it. 

If the user is interested in a profile he/she can swipe right to like it or choose to swipe left to skip.

If both users like their profiles, they will get a notification for the potential match and can start a conversation.

Once they like each other over text, they can proceed forward according to their interests.

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From: Chupachups
05/05/2021 09:04:24

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From: Brazzi
03/22/2021 09:23:30

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