Difference between real and fake Ferragamo belts
Posted On 08/26/2021 07:49:50 by aaatradeplaza

Difference between real and fake Ferragamo belts
Real Edge Artist with Fake Ferragamo Belt
Some scammers are so good that you can hardly tell. . . Although I do not advocate the purchase of counterfeit goods, with the increasing popularity of Ferragamo belts, I think this is a profound insight into the quality difference between replica designer belts and original belts. One!

Can you find fake?

One of the belts was purchased from an undisclosed eBay seller, which was shipped from China and is a high quality counterfeit product (not the “Ferragamo” belt sold at your local boutique for $25. ), another belt is $450 purchased online from Ferragamo itself. One belt is a larger belt size and the other is a smaller belt size offered by Ferragamo.
Difference 1: Leather

Where the dupe belt is actually leather, the Ferragamo belt has a higher quality leather and a matte appearance.

Difference 2: stitching

Please note that on a real belt, the stitches are straight and neat and tidy.

Difference 3: The color of the buckle logo

This authentic Ferragamo belt has a bluish color. This liar's belt is more golden.

Difference 4: Proof of purchase

If you want to buy a second-hand belt and want to make sure it is genuine, I recommend that you ask for a purchase receipt and bring the original dust bag and box. All authentic Ferragamo belts are placed in a gift bag.

Difference 5: The seal near the ring engraved in the belt

Ferragamo logo and belt information are printed on the real belt. There are no signs inside the fake belts. According to WikiHow, "In some newer belts, the stamp is located near the buckle, and some older belts have the belt stamped toward the center in the length direction."
Difference 6: The belt buckle is welded to the belt

Many fake Ferragamo belts have only buckled belt buckles, but real Ferragamo belts are usually buckled on the belt.

Difference 7: Check the serial number

The actual Ferragamo serial number should be 21 digits. Usually, the number should start with "114" or "223".

All in all, the true belt quality far exceeds the imitation belt.

However, if you don't have well-trained eyes and look at the belt at a glance, it's difficult to find the difference.

If you want to get a real Ferragamo belt without paying any price, we recommend searching for used Ferragamo belts on eBay! If you're located in the US, you're expecting to pay about half the price or 3/4 of the price and look for sellers in the US. Many sellers will be happy to work with you and provide you with the specifications and more images you need. I saw a woman from the suburbs of Chicago selling her belt for $150 on the website. I am a strong advocate of eBay and hope to get the designer's work with less money.


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