Anyone knows how to identify fake designer shoes from the original shoes?
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Buying genuine shoes online or in person can be one of the most difficult achievements. Not every pair can be acquired at the Nike Store, Finish Line or other large chains. Sometimes we have to browse the list on eBay and try to use the FaceBook group, message board or even Craigslist. Some people will try to fake designer shoes, or just people they don't know, but in the end we still have to be safe. To help you pick up your next time, we've combined this guide with five ways to find fake shoes.

The box is gone

The box is even one of the key indicators before looking at the shoes. Old-fashioned retro shoes with lines on Jordan's face are usually lighter in color and even smaller. But now we have a new Jordan box in black and gold, which is easier to imitate. In most cases, boxes with fake shoes will be broken or torn. Even the cardboard used to make the boxes looks thinner and cheaper, which is probably why they are always destroyed. However, if you buy from a careless sports toe, and the sports toe has no box at all, then the shoes will be true, what should I do?

The good news is that there is still a way to determine if the box is a fake shoe, which is an investigation of the box label. In this example, we will use the Nike Air Yeezy 2'Solar Red' box.

The fake is No. 10 and the authenticity is 10.5. The first thing you might notice is the spacing of the "Air Yeezy 2 NRG" on the label. The distance of the fake model is farther than the true model. The 1 in size 10 also drops more than the real product. In addition, the actual font on the replica shoes is larger. In addition, please check the real box with the “Recommended Retail Price”, which has no fakes. It is now possible to tear someone off, but you will notice that the side of the sticker is very clean and there should be some signs of the label falling off.

There are other ways to determine if a sports shoe box is a fake. For example, the product number is incorrect, the word is misspelled, the color disappears, and even the label is not placed correctly (for example, centered or curved).

Nike-Jordan never makes such a color scheme.

This can be used for any brand, but countless fake Nike and Air Jordan are good examples everywhere. You may have seen people wearing "SpongeBob" Jordan Dub Zeros or even See Through Air Jordan. Or Air Jordan high heels. I hate to be ruined, but that are fake shoes. We don't want to involve countless Air Yeezy aircraft produced in more than 1,000 different color schemes, but you understand what we mean.

Now, let's say you don't know the history of stubborn sports toe caps, maybe you're just starting to collect, or you want to make sure that the latest purchases are real. Maybe the pair you are buying is not the common sense of JB. You can search for various information sites on your shoes, which will take some time, but you can avoid getting burned. We do have a ``Air Jordan History'' section where you can browse to see if the color matches the published color. No matter what you do, it will take some time, but in the end you can learn something and save some money.

Another useful tip is to take an image of the shoe and post it on the message board, even in many Facebook groups that specialize in sports shoes. People are eager to help in most cases and will not reject your inquiry.

Full-size rare shoes

Suppose you find a website and are ready to buy a pair. Suppose the pair is Nike Air Yeezy 2 "Red October". When it was released online on, the shoe was sold out in less than a minute, and many models were not produced from start to finish.

Now, you are sitting on this site and know that your size is 10, but you will notice that they not only have the available sizes, but also 8, 8.5, 9, 9.5 up to 12 sizes. This is a big indicator and the shoes are replica shoes. As you can see from the image below, most of these fake sites range in size from 8 to 13, with most sizes available. These are the so-called "money sizes", or other popular sizes. The moving speed of the size 9 is faster than the moving speed of the size 7, so that it can be quickly sold.

Shape and material are off

This step may require some training. There are some models released in the early days. Some people say that they are forged. Some people say that they are B-level. They are factory defects and cannot be checked. As technology advances, fake shoes are becoming real things and will not be discovered without training. That being said, there are some ways to tell if the shoes are real shoes. In this example, we will use Air Jordan 13.

This is now for Jordan 13, so if the shoes are not in this range, there are steps you can take to help you.

Side by side: Take a pair of shoes from each pair and stand side by side. If the two pairs are the same size, does one sit taller than the other? Is it a lot wider? Is the cut edge of a pair lower? These are all good signs that you may have a pair of fake shoes on your hand.

Stitch: Compare the stitches between the two. In some fakes, the suture may be licking or even falling off. If the stitch is a genuine or replica, the design of the stitch can also be used as an indicator.

Different uses of materials: This pair of leather should not be roller leather, but different? Maybe the patent leather should be used, but the appearance of the shoes seems similar to the patent leather. As mentioned earlier, fake shoes tend to cut corners to save money and get higher profits.

Look at the smaller details: no details are too small. Check the placement of the logo, is it bent? What about other unique locations like Michael Jordan’s phone?

Look at the sole: translucent soles of different colors may be a good sign (don't mistake it for yellowing). If the shoes are made of carbon fiber, make sure they are designed and constructed correctly.

What smell is that? : It's a bit strange, but if you smell the shoes, they may be different. Since fakes shoes are made of inferior materials, odor testing can be a good indicator.

The price is too high, unbelievable

Who doesn't like high prices? We will definitely. But sometimes things can be so good that they can't be realized. Personally, I am hard to learn. In 2004, I made a deal with the three pairs of Air Jordan because they knew that their value was much higher than the $300 I paid. Needless to say, I paid the seller, but I never received the payment, but the good news is that my credit card company paid for me. Of course, this is not a website, but a personal seller, so if you buy shoes from the website, these shoes will be fake shoes.

In this example, we will use Nike Air Foamposite One “Galaxy” and, a website with a lot of replica shoes, and we recommend that you stay away from everything. The actual model actually launched at the authorized Nike retailer is priced at $220. The counterfeit pair price shown in the example below is very different from $56.80. Sometimes these fake websites will bargain sharply, which means you get a good deal, but in fact, you get cheap shoes, they will fall apart. This is a strategic way for them to think that you are closing a deal and may be buying it on impulse.

If you don't know the current price of a shoe, the best way to find out if it is possible to buy a counterfeit product is to measure the market. only sells genuine shoes, you can see their use, but because you know that you are getting real information in a timely manner, they are more expensive than the market.

The second choice, perhaps the best is eBay. Yes, we know that there are still replica shoes on eBay, but you can take the following measures to avoid this. Find out the brand and nickname of the shoes, in this case the Nike Foamposite One Galaxy, then find the product number; 521286-800. Put them on eBay and you can see that the aftermarket is worth much more than $56.80.

Now we are not saying that you can't find a deal on real shoes, even in the aftermarket shoes, these deals are everywhere. Prices may vary, depending on the conditions, actual size, or even the box. After doing some research, please use the best judgment.

Reward: Check the label inside the shoe

We offer you the final step, please check the label inside the shoe, usually on the tongue or side lining. Is the product number the same as the box label? How about the font used? The difference between the labels in sports shoes compared to the box is that you can know the time of production and the country of production. Suppose the shoes you are buying are in 2013, but the labels show that they were produced in 2015, which clearly shows that they are fake shoes. As shown in the example below, the production process is less intense, but the production runs from two different periods, but the same year and the same pair of shoes.


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