How to tell fake designer sunglasses from the real one?
Posted On 08/26/2021 08:22:14 by aaatradeplaza

1. The box should be made of high-quality materials, cardboard, and affixed with the designer's trademark or name. Labels for serial numbers and other information are attached to the sides of most boxes. Always cross-reference it with details in frames and booklets,the box of replica sunglasses are made of low quality materials and looks very cheap.

2. Checking the frame is the second most important step. Check the material: Cheap materials make the frame light and easy to feel fragile and creaking. Genuine designer sunglasses are made of high-quality materials that give them a certain amount of weight and feel balanced and strong when you hold them,the replica sunglasses are not.

Check brand elements: Brand names or brand abbreviations are usually engraved on the lens. Stickers with brand names are attached to fake sunglasses, even with a brush. If the surface is scratched and the brand mark begins to fall off, the frame is absolutely replica sunglasses .

Check hinges: The designer frame uses the best materials in the hinges so they never feel stiff or loose. They should have a natural, easy way to open.

Check the inscription: One of the sunglasses arms should be marked with the model number, then measure the color, lens and frame size. The other should explain the manufacturing position of the frame (most frames are made in Italy, but some brands choose to be made in China, the United States or Slovenia).

3. Check if the frame is suitable. Try on the frame. Sunglasses lenses should be clean and clean without any scratches or other harmful ingredients.

The frame fits your face feeling comfortable and natural. The glasses must be perfectly aligned with the eye focus and attached to the nose.

4. Pricing. replica sunglasses are always discounted or sold at incredibly low prices. Designers have strict pricing policies and are rarely discounted.


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