Beta tests will be playable on all consoles and PC
Posted On 09/06/2021 03:40:19 by Timmy2001

Beta tests will be playable on all consoles and PC, except for Nintendo Switch, according to Xbox Live Gold is required for the pre-order beta on August 13 but is not required for the open beta on August 20. PlayStation Plus is not required for either beta test. Both Xbox Live Gold and PlayStation Plus will be necessary for multiplayer features at the game's launch.


Progress will carry over between the two betas, but no progress will carry over from the beta held earlier this year. Cross-progression will be available during both beta periods, but a separate pre-order is necessary for each platform during the Early Access beta. There will be no level cap for this beta, and it's unclear whether beta progress will carry over into the main game.


Similar to a previous beta test, only Act I and Act II will be playable. The Barbarian, Amazon, and Sorcereress classes from that beta will be playable once again, along with the Paladin and Druid classes which are new for this beta. The game will launch with two more classes, Assassin and Necromancer, but those two classes will not be available during the betas.diable 2 resurrected items


Compared to movies, the videogame sequel is often a very different thing. In films, where “bigger and louder” often leads to diminishing box office returns, game-design can improve and shine with that extra bit of scale in a game’s sequel. Looking at the earliest titles from Blizzard this can be seen with the transition from the first Warcraft to the second. That first game established the foundation of what a real-time strategy could be, and from there the team was able to let loose and ramp up the storytelling, tone, characters and atmosphere.

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From: KimChen
09/06/2021 20:52:10

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