the completion of the quest is actually very straightforward
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the completion of the quest is actually very straightforward. Quite simply, players should pin Marauder Advancement: Gladiator to cause a quest waypoint to appear on New World’s map. For full clarity, that waypoint is just to the west of the Cutlass Keys Hamlet, where fans will speak with Winifred Silas in order to initiate the task, and the following video should make it easy to get to the appropriate location.


Upon arrival at the Nautilus of Nunez, players should dust off their favorite weapons in New World and fight their way in. Fans should then continue forward until they ultimately arrive on the deck of a beached ship that is in the area. It is on this ship where Captain Hamidou, the target of the Trial of the Gladiator, spawns, and fans should proceed to dispatch the skeletal pirate when he has been new world coins


After slaying Hamidou, players will be ready to return to Winifred Silas in the Cutlass Keys Hamlet and complete their advancement. Earning the rank of Gladiator is not the only reason to tackle this task, though, as there are some further rewards associated with finishing the Trial. Specifically, those rewards are 1,540 XP, 96.25 Coins, 1,500 Tokens, and 20 Azoth. Additionally, fans will unlock Marauder Advancement: Ravager, though it cannot be completed until Level 40 has been reached and 11,000 Faction Reputation has been earned.


The other item that can be helpful here is bait, and there are a number of good options to consider. Firefly Bait, for example, is perfectly suitable for catching Snails, and it can be harvested from Briar in New World. Players can also use Woodlouse Bait if they prefer, and that can be collected from Bushes. Notably, fans will not receive one of these baits everytime that they interact with the aforementioned foliage, though they should not be too hard to come by.

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