How to Spot Replica UGG Boots
Posted On 11/09/2021 03:54:48 by aaatradeplaza

Not all ugg boots made by companies other than UGG Australia are counterfeit-some are high-quality (or inexpensive but similar in style) boots that are legally produced by other companies. However, the UGG Australia brand has become so profitable that there are many shady manufacturers trying to take advantage of the brand’s popularity (and high prices) by selling cheaply manufactured, lower-priced counterfeit products as if they were the real UGG brand. Same.

Sites that sell artificial UGG usually use photos of actual UGG boots, which can make it difficult to tell if you have ordered a counterfeit product. But once you have a pair of boots, there will be obvious differences. If your boots are made of real wool-lined sheepskin, you will not be able to separate the wool from the suede-at least without the help of a shearing machine. fake designer boots usually consist of foam sandwiched between the cowhide on the outside of the boot and the wool on the inside. To find out what your UGG (or counterfeit UGG) is made of, grab the inside of the boot with one hand and the outside of the boot with the other, and then try to pull them apart. If you can separate them, you may be holding fake designer boots.

Since most of UGG's trademark stitching can be seen on the outside of the boot, it provides another way to identify fake designer boots. If the stitches are not flat, the seams are bent, or some stitches are missing at the seams, your product is most likely a counterfeit product. If the soles are not flexible, the same is true; authentic UGG boots use thick but flexible soles.

According to UGG Australia, genuine UGG includes three safety features that distinguish them from man-made UGG. First, there is a reflective sticker on the outside of the shoe box with the company's sun logo engraved on it. And, when turned to a 90-degree angle, the logo will change from black to white. Secondly, some UGG's left boots have a label sewn on the inside. The reflective label also includes a sun logo whose color changes from black to white. Third, if the model you purchased does not have a sewing label, please check the outsole of the left shoe; the brand's color-changing reflective sticker can be attached there.


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