Is It legal To Buy Fake Designer Clothes?
Posted On 11/10/2021 13:35:32 by aaatradeplaza

Gemma Collins was arrested for buying replica clothes (or at least shopping in the store where they were made). Is GC good-looking? maybe not. Is it relevant? really.

For many of us, being part of being a teenager is coming home from summer with a fake Chloe padlock bag or a copy of Chanel 2.55 and half-heartedly pretending that it is real, not in Spain or Turkey. 15 euros on the beach.
But now you don’t need to go on vacation to buy fakes, and you don’t need to get it from a man with sheets on the ground who ran away while the police drove. Online retailers will make you a fake of almost anything. Gucci sneakers? Easy to find. The classic Celine bag? One Key. You can have a Kardashian wardrobe for less than Khloe's monthly manicure fees.

Buying replica clothes feels like a real victory-but unfortunately, it is also illegal and immoral.

The design of an item belongs to the designer, so when a company steals it, they are stealing it (stealing intellectual property). Although you may not bleed for big-brand fashion houses, the truth is that stealing is stealing.

Fashion companies hire artists to make beautiful things, and they hate being copied, which is understandable.

There are subtle differences between imitations in high street stores (e.g. Charlotte Tilbury vs Aldi) and direct imitations. The beauty of the design is not protected by copyright, but the slogan, logo, and company name can. Therefore, as long as there is no Balenciaga logo on it, Pretty Little Thing is entirely possible to imitate the Balenciaga dress.

replica goods pretend to actually come from expensive brands, not just copy designs, which is why they are illegal. Although many of us know that they are fake, there is also the problem of people being deceived (especially online) and spending big money on replica products.

After the moral aspect is the risk factor. Because these clothes and accessories are not made legally, they are not regulated like ordinary clothes. So, for example, something made of "artificial fur" can actually be made of real fur.

No one checks whether these materials are of high quality or non-allergenic. If there is a problem with your shoes and they are sprayed with a paint that makes you sick, or dyed with a dye that makes you rash, there is no way. Back in 2015, a fake Nutribullet exploded after a four-second safety test. Therefore, although it may be tempting to buy a product at less than half the price, it may actually hurt you.
Some people feel that there is no harm in buying replica clothes, because real designers have a lot of money. But this argument is not valid, because the money made from buying replica clothes often ends up funding organized criminal activities. The City of London Police said: “Many fraudsters use the proceeds from the sale of replica goods to fund drug transactions or other types of organized crime.”

If you buy fakes, you are unlikely to get into legal disputes, but that still doesn’t mean it’s a good idea. If you sell them (including if you resell fakes you have used on eBay or Depop), then you are at serious risk of being investigated by Trading Standards, and they may report you to the police.

If you are not sure whether something is false, you can usually judge by your own judgment. If something sells for 400 pounds at Selfridges, then it should not be sold online for 40 pounds.

To avoid risks, please buy high-end products in person or through well-known designer retailers (such as Browns Fashion or Net-A-Porter)-of course, you can also buy directly from the brand.

It’s understandable if you feel pressured to have a variety of designer wardrobes, but can’t buy them legally. A survey of 2,000 consumers by Censuswide (the environmentally friendly cleaning brand Method) found that approximately 10% would throw away an item after it was photographed three times online.

Social media is under pressure to change to a different outfit every five minutes, and it always looks great.

Instead of buying fakes to meet Instagram’s expectations, you can also try to embrace sustainable fashion and use shopping as a way to detox.

Otherwise, rental sites have become more and more popular recently, and now there are many options for you to wear beautiful clothes for a few weeks before you change into new clothes. All honors have no potential legal consequences.


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