While it's not going to simplify the game
Posted On 11/13/2021 00:35:06 by weiyismart



None of these are boostable in any way, and at the RuneScape gold high level, they require about two times as long as the requirements that are less than 70. In addition, they are all sequels to quests I've had the ability to complete easily, with a lot of ease, at 70ish statistics. Runescape appears to be pushing players into more grinds in specific areas, which I find absurd.


I'd much rather see skills like dungeoneering that take skill (and perhaps a good team, which I believe is a very intriguing and exciting idea that can be to introduce with this ability) and see those concepts applied to other areas of. Agility could be a lot more enjoyable and a much more enjoyable to play if it were skill-based and something you could master at getting fast xp rates, rather than the mindless, simple click marathon that it is.


While it's not going to simplify the game, such an update would simplify the game and require less time. As you said, the gameplay is very simple. It just takes too long. If you make it harder and move faster, you will be able to play better.


Jagex has EoC coming out to (hopefully!) fix my dislike of grinding. Me personally, I'm ok with EoC and no EoC - I just want Jagex to eliminate goliaths, swifts, and spellcasters. You can grant anyone who bought a cmaul.


How do you solve this issue? I think the best way is to create the highest level of content that gives you more XP, but it's also in the process of being instanced, which means you're not going to be crashing to the point of death. Sort of like Dungeoneering, I guess. The content at the top would provide you with food/pots or cash enough to purchase food/pots. They only need to ensure it isn't easily contaminated.


Interesting question about gloves and chaos. I don't know what the varying times of balance are between gloves and chaotics: certainly the quests and levels of combat required force you to have more skills (on a good team, you might possibly get to chaotics with purely a strong combat ability) and still require you to put in some time. It's quite possible that they've messed up the content in this section, though it's equally possible that 90+ weapons with even greater requirements could be close to being just buy RS gold right around the corner...though those would be a big deal on the HTML5 blog.


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