It's all about a collective effort. You could be
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The main armor set will not degrade as well as offensively friendly (torso provides strength and strength gain unlike barrows). Also keep in mind that runescape gold for sale other than Dharok's or Verac's in certain circumstances however, all other Barrows set (including those with weapons) are ineffective.


So the top 3 options for you in my opinion include: Versac's skirt/Dragon Legs and Fighter torso, and Abyssal Dragon Whip Defender (you could also have a Guthan's set to heal your body in addition to this). Torag's Legs and Plate along and Whip or Defender. This offers a high level of defense but in most circumstances it's not necessary since you won't have to be hit as often. Averac's Brassard and Skirt along with whip. The whole set can be employed for specific tasks, including Kalphite Queen and Barrows and PvP.


It's all about a collective effort. You could be a fantastic keyer but without a equally strong team, it's useless. You could be able to do 5:5 with at least three or four good players in addition to yourself. The situation could be that someone has angry quit or who is in a state of being leeching or not doing much.


I think having certain items helps a lot too. Like for instance, the Shadow Silk Hooded. Not just for you , but to your entire group. For a single person not experiencing it could slow down the pace of a dungeon. If you're trying for A lever room. But the Skeletons keep attacking their opponents. Non Hooded one.


I'd suggest also working on your stats. It's not just about combat, but also ability as well. Because time is wasted in the event that a keyer goes through the door and realizes that you're required to trim vines , but you're not at the level required so you need to call one person to help you with this door. Sometimes, they do not have a knife. Also, it saves time. To combat the aspect. This is mostly for strength/defence. Only Strength for the force bar entrance or any other rooms that require the skill. After that, you'll need Defence to have better armor/tanks for more monsters.


Also, you must realize it takes time to become proficient in this field, and every dungeon is unique, so there are different ways of going about it. The new update makes me believe it's going to be simpler than it was before. Because if you find an hooded team of 125+ with 90+ Dungeoneering that is working on occult floors, it helps. You'd then have to make a deal with whoever was performing say floor 38. It's not because it was the only one you could leave.


I know my Dungeoneering is lower than yours/you may be able to do it faster than I can, however I believe this is a good idea and has some sense to it. There are also a lot of little details to consider when keying, such as osrs items buy gating doors, or taking the ggs off and on. But it does take a some time and when you continue to work on it , you'll learn.


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