Discount knock-off websites are becoming increasingly popular
Posted On 03/11/2022 13:18:39 by bobwang

Although counterfeiting has plagued the apparel industry for decades, online shopping and social media instantly makes it easier to knock, market and sell discounts than ever.

Social media especially becoming a key tool for elimination of websites. They are using extensive influences listed in social media and YouTube to sell discount fake designer swimsuits. All of this means they directly reach and attract young women customers - especially when customers see they can purchase super fashion bikini, the set is as low as $ 8.

The site also looks like the marketing image of the model looks like the original brand of advertising series, in some cases the exact same image.

Although discounts can be closely replicated with design and cut, their cooperation and fabric are not as high as the original. However, we talk about the teenage girl is willing to sacrifice some quality for the clean swimwear, which is so low.
For example, Zaful's bi Nice is from about $ 8 to $ 17. The price of Zahara swims is higher, but still approximately $ 150 to $ 200 in half fashion brands sell in traditional retail markets.

Swimming brands noted that they are working hard and finance to create a printing, fabric and cutting of the elimination site, and then copy their products and sell them at a lower price.

"This is harmful to the swimming industry, because people don't care, I don't realize that all this is a knockout," HD owner Ali Hofman said.

Kaohs is currently submitting to Australia's Zahara, and then Zahara copies the yellow rose bud fake bikini and sells half of the price.

"This is really an irritability," Ali said. "They are in Australia, so it brings challenges. If it is here, it is easy. They must order us directly and knock down. Otherwise, it will not make it so perfect."

Not only Zahara swims, but they also use their images and marketing.

"They are looking for the followers of swimming brands, and try to pull their influence and pursue after their direct consumers." "They are giving them in their social media, so they will post photos on their social media. We did not give gifts for gifts. We have produced domestic production in China, so they can give multiple lawsuits. "

HD is not the only brand for the elimination website. Frankies Bikinis, Acacia Swimwear, Stone Cold Fox, is used for love and lemon and shore swimsuits are one of the same copied brands on these websites.

"Although websites like Zafe can knock down our shape, they can't knock on the quality," Franksbisi Marketing and e-commerce Brign Niole said. "Frankis bikini is famous for its perfect fit and the highest quality swimming fabric and crafts, this may never be copied. #Frankiesgirl value quality and swimsuit brought by the swimwear, they can wear all the summer, no Collapse and will highlight all curves, perfect fit. "

Although Kya swimming involves some replica bikinis in the past, Kya Sirs is reversible, which makes them more challenging, script, KYA believes.

"KYA swim has not been positioned by Zaful or Zahara," said Kya Swim Designer and Kylie Gene Gene Gene GeneNesoto. "But as a designer we strive to create different works with other brands, we will be disappointing. We have worked behind our designs for a few months, so there is a person like Zaful and Zahara just copy and Create a style at night, maybe you won't use the color or just slightly different, super frustrating I imagine.

"Unfortunately, I think the whole fashion industry has experienced this every day, this is definitely not just our industry," Kylie said. "We can use as designers, everything I include is to continue to create a unique design and make sure we are the first person to show them."

In addition to challenges and setbacks for these brands, there are many legal issues involving counterfeit.

We speak with Friedman Stroffe & Gerard. About the legitimacy of these websites.

Although the reduction in swimsuit is not protected, any document, including graphics, is copyrighted.

"If you create graphics, win copyright, no matter if you archive,"

The brand can prosecute copyright infringement and have the right to win the profits of the knockout.

"If it is intentional, they can prosecute profits to add legal damage, which can range from $ 30,000 to $ 150,000," he said.


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