Here's How to Identify the Difference Between Original and Fake Designer Bags
Posted On 03/18/2022 01:53:16 by bobwang

First, look at the label on the top of the bag. "You don't see much of a difference here, but the seal is...very high and close to stitching" on an authentic Birkin (left), says Ridolfi. "If you see it in the middle" between the stitches and the locks, that's a dead giveaway. Note that the stamp on the fake designer bags also appears to be on top of the leather, while the authentic stamp is actually part of the fabric.

"You also want to make sure the [stamp] is straight," adds Wyll -- remember, this detail is a giveaway on the Chanel label. "These are small details, but they make a difference."
Next, unlock the lock and pull the arm back to reveal the blind seal.

"Each Hermès bag is handcrafted by a single artisan, so they put their trademark [stamp] on it, as well as a blind stamp," which indicates the year it was made, explains Wyll. But stamps alone may not be able to distinguish fakes. "This fake has a blind stamp, it has a craftsman stamp. They knocked out everything - serial numbers and everything."

So in this case, look at the quality of the stamps. "It's very deep, like a machine stamp," Ridolfi notes, noting the fake bag (top), and that it's bigger than a real stamp. On the real bag (bottom, close-up of each stamp), it's "much darker," Wyll notes. "It's barely visible from where you're standing."
Even if you don't have a certified genuine bag to compare with the suspect, you can keep an eye out for any inconsistencies in details like hardware. "There's always a place where the quality doesn't match the brand, and a lot of times it's in the hardware." "For example, I can tell that the hardware is plastic -- it doesn't get cold, and it feels lighter."

Once again, stitching is a factor in revealing the identity of the fake designer bags. "At first glance, this looks neatly sewn," she said. "But if you start looking at the finer details - the edges and corners - you'll notice that the stitching here is getting sloppy. These are inconsistencies you won't find in a real bag. It will always stay neat and tidy and consistent."

The same goes for paint, even on an almost microscopic level. "It's a little sloppy here, the paint is transferred to the edges. Sometimes people think, 'Oh, it's hand-painted, so allow for [inconsistency].' Hermes isn't. They're perfectionists."


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