Cleaning and maintenance methods for brand-name luxury bags
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Many beloved bags will always have different degrees of stains! Imagine your CHRISTIAN DIOR is dirty, gucci dyed color or SAINT LAURENT PARIS handle is black, what should I do? You know, men look at the watch, women look at the bag. A woman carrying a bag is like a password book, revealing the woman's secret. A designer bag is often expensive and delicate, and proper maintenance and care can extend the life of a bag.

1. Leather lady bag processing method:

Because cowhide, sheepskin, and pig skin are the main components of protein, they are easy to get wet, mold, and insects. For this reason, when using a leather bag, avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances. Leather bags should be regularly sent to professional leather care shops for thorough cleaning and disinfection. In the cleaning process using professional equipment and technology, special agents for mold and sterilization are added to thoroughly remove various germs and molds, thereby fundamentally avoiding the occurrence of mildew. Properly preserved after thorough cleaning, which plays an important role in maintaining its original appearance and extending its wearing life.

2. Patent leather and suede ladies bag treatment method:

Because the paint is prone to cracks, it must be used with care. It is usually necessary to wipe it with a soft cloth like a handkerchief. If the bag is cracked, use a cloth dampened with a special grease and then gently wipe it. Suede is a brand handbag for buckskin, anti-fur, etc. It is best to use a soft animal brush to remove it.

3, the normal leather lady bag processing method:

Just bought the Replica Luxury Handbag, you should first wash your hands with soap and then gently rub the bag, as long as the appropriate body temperature and grease, gently rubbing with your hands, you can make small wrinkles and even small scars disappear. If the air in the place is very humid, the leather parts are easily infected by moisture. If the leather is accidentally drenched, it must not be grilled or exposed to the sun, so the beloved lady bag will be seriously deformed. A safe way to do this is to dry the water droplets first, then let them dry in the shade for half an hour. It is best to always carry the lady bag to maintain the oil, which can greatly extend the life of the bag.

4, the best cleaning and maintenance methods for special Fake leather bags:

After removing the dust, remove the dirt and wrinkles with a special cleaning oil. Next, apply the special oil on the bag to the cloth, gently apply it to the bag, and then rub the cloth on the bag, but do not apply too much detergent to avoid fading or contaminating the bag.

5, the skin is to show the original flavor, it is best to use its special ointment, in case of unfortunate dirt, you can use a damp towel to carefully remove.

Clean the leather surface before storage, and put a clean shredded paper or cotton shirt in the bag to keep the shape of the Knockoff Discount Luxury Bag, then put the bag into a soft cotton bag, and the bag stored in the cabinet should be Avoid improper deformation and deformation. The cabinets that store the leather products must be kept ventilated. The natural oil of the leather itself will gradually decrease over time or the number of uses, so even the most advanced leather goods need regular maintenance. It is recommended that you clean the leather before you store it.

7. If there is stain on the leather, wipe it with a clean wet sponge dampened with a mild detergent and let it dry naturally. Try it out in an unobtrusive corner before you officially use it.

8. If the liquid such as a careless beverage falls on the leather bag, immediately use a clean cloth or sea sponge to dry it, and wipe it with a damp cloth to let it dry naturally. Never use a hair dryer for convenience. Blow dry, which will cause great damage to the bag.

9. If it is stained with grease, it can be used to wipe the cloth cleanly. The rest is naturally dissipated or cleaned by detergent. Do not wash with water. Fine leather surfaces are inevitably subject to minor scratches, which can be diluted by hand warmth and oil.

10, if the leather parts produce black spots, you can try to wipe the same color leather with alcohol. If the leather goods are accidentally drenched into the rain, the water drops should be dried and placed in a cool, ventilated place to be air-dried. Do not use fire to dry or explode in the sun, nor put it on the side of the air, or there will be a burst of leather.

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