How to maintain Hermes bags?
Posted On 03/03/2019 06:38:27 by bobwang

1. Because cowhide and sheepskin, the main component of pig skin is protein, it is easy to get wet, mold, and insects. to this end

When using a leather bag, avoid contact with oil, acid and alkaline substances. Knock Off Hermes Bags Online should be regularly sent to professional leather care shops for thorough cleaning and disinfection. In the cleaning process using professional equipment and technology, special agents for mold and sterilization are added to completely remove various germs and molds, thereby fundamentally avoiding the occurrence of mildew. It is important to maintain its original appearance and extend its wearing life after thorough cleaning.

2. Leather bags are best used frequently, and are often rubbed with fine flannel. If you are exposed to rain or mildew, use a soft, dry cloth to wipe off water or mildew. Do not rub with water or gasoline, because water can harden the dermis, and gasoline can cause the oil in the dermis to volatilize and dry. Replica Hermes Handbags are wetted with a handbag without any water-repellent treatment procedure. Wipe dry with a soft cloth to prevent wrinkles on the surface with stains or watermarks. If you use it on rainy days, you should pay special attention.

3. When the leather is wrinkled, it can be ironed with iron, and the temperature can be controlled between 60-70. When ironing, use a thin cotton cloth to lining the ironing cloth, and keep moving the iron.

4. The leather has tarnishing. It can be glazed with leather glazing. Do not rub it with leather shoe polish. In fact, it is not difficult to polish the leather. Just use a cloth to polish the leather on the leather. It can be done twice, usually as long as it is light every two or three years, it is enough to keep the leather soft and shiny, and can extend the service life.

5. If the leather is torn or damaged, it should be repaired in time. If it is a small crack, apply some egg white at the crack and the crack will bond.

6. When the leather is not in use, it is best to hang it; of course, it can be laid flat, but the surface should be placed so as not to be crushed by other things, which affects the appearance.

7. The leather should be aired before the collection, and it should not be exposed to the sun. In order to keep the leather bag beautiful in color for a long time, a layer of milk or glycerin can be applied to the leather surface before collection, so that it can be stored for a long time without discoloration. Avoid exposure, fire, water, sharp objects and chemical solvents.

Note: Fake Hermes Leather Bags should be regularly sent to professional leather care shops for thorough cleaning and disinfection. It is best to use them frequently and rub them with fine flannel. If there is tear or breakage, it should be repaired in time.

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